The Poverty or Wealth Status of The World’s People could be classified into 7 distinct groups:-


1) Those Who Live FROM DAY TO DAY

These are the people in the lowest rank of society.  The daily wage worker, the roadside beggar and those trapped in habits of drug or gambling. Survival is a daily affair. Hardly any savings. No investment.


These are worried for their monthly house installment or rent and car installment. Every month they try to make ends meet. Somtimes resorting to credit card to tide them over. There is some savings. Mostly in CPF or EPF.  Some investment. Borrow for consumption.

3) Those Who  Calculate their Net Worth From Year to Year

These are the Middle and Upper  Middle Class.  These invest in Stocks, Unit Trusts, gold, rental properties. They borrow not for consumption but for investment. To borrow to buy a high end car is to consume. Wealth is spent and gone forever.

The car price depreciates immediately after it leaves the showroom.  The wise borrow to invest in real estate. As long as rental covers loan repayment — investment will appreciate  over the years.  They exercise self control and postpone gratification.  The compounding wealth  on rental gain and asset price increases will cause the rich to get richer. The poor remains poor because of their consumption mentality.

4) Those Who are Very Rich. Their Investments go into the Decades’

These invest Very Long Term. In fact their investment go into decades.  Think of those who own Good Class Bungalows in Singapore. These are tightly held by the owners. Think of the investment mentality of Warren Buffett. He said that when he buys a stock he intends to hold it forever.  Let’s look at 3 stocks which he bought:-


This is the number one  drink in the world.  Coca Cola has the same taste for over a hundred years. No need to spend any money to improve or change its taste.  Unlike computers and hand phones which need millions of dollars for constant upgrade in technology.

As soon as the latest iphone leaves the factory it soon becomes obsolete. While others have no rest day and night, Warren Buffet can rest on the laurels of COKE. Every time he gives a free interview on TV he holds up a can of Coca Cola in full view of billions.


Walt Disney own the All Time Favourite “SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWAFTS”.  Every seven years, a new generation of children will watch Snow White and the Seven Dwafts.


They are 7 billion people on planet  earth. Dividing 50/50 between the sexes, there are 3.5 billion men. When Warren  Buffett goes to bed at night,  he thinks of the 3.5 billion men whose  beard will be growing overnight and need to use his shaving blades next morning.

Not only that,  he lives far below his means.  He bought and use a second hand car.  He has the money to buy up ALL THE NEW CAR COMPANIES IN USA if he wanted to. Another Very rich man is Ingvar  Kamprad  who founded IKEA – he takes a public bus to work.

If he wanted to he could have bought all the buses in his country and have enough money to spare. While the rich and very rich live FAR BELOW THEIR MEANS – the Poor, and The Very Poor live FAR BEYOND THEIRS. That’s why the Rich gets Richer and The Poor Gets Poorer.

So the very  poor live from day to day, the not so poor live from month to month, the rich calculate their investment from year to year and the super rich invest for decades. That’s all? No. Three  Classes More …



Through no fault of  their own,  people have been born into slave families during the early days of America, people born in North Korea (where they teach you how to survive on  grass & tree barks in famine time), born as  outcast (the untouchables of India) & people born with physical handicap, born with mental defects and brought up all their lives in institutions of charities. Most are trapped in the clutches of poverty. However, in the ” land of the free and the home of the brave” a negro can become The President of the USA – the Land of White Men. But in at least half a dozen nations, when men are born into Islam, their fate is sealed – no conversion to other faiths are allowed.



How fortunate to be born into the Family of Warren Buffett. He gave each of his children a Billion US Dollars in inheritance. Also fortunate are those born among the Millionaire families of Singapore.



Jesus says, “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose of own soul?”   Only the truly born again Christian know how to INVEST FOR ETERNITY.  A house or Condo takes only  2 to 4 years to build. Jesus promise,  “In My Father’s House are MANY MANSIONS. I Go and Prepare A Place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you. I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also. { John 14: 1 & 2} The Home Jesus Christ is now building in Heaven took 2,000 years! How beautiful must be THAT WONDERFUL PLACE. Far better than HORIZON HILL (the hottest in demand in Iskandar)  or QUEENSTOWN in New Zealand, or SHANG RILA In China or any other place on Earth.

Why? What’s So Good About Heaven? Well, the Bible describe Heaven is a place where THE STREETS  & ROADS ARE PAVED WITH PURE GOLD! Surprise? What we consider to be the Most Valuable on earth is actually used as paving material for streets in Heaven. Want to know more?. Go to ” KING JAMES BIBLE ONLINE” and read REVELATION CHAPTER 21 & 22 – the last 2 chapters of the BIBLE.


BIBLE too difficult to read or understand? Anything simpler? Then go to ” Jack Chick Cartoon” or CHICK PUBLICATIONS website. Sorry, website  not accessible in Singapore; only accessible in Malaysia.