7 Reasons for Investing in Nusantara Prima properties

1.) Strategic Location.
Location! Location Location! is the number one factor in property investments. Nusatara Prima  is only 15mins from Tuas. 6 mins to AEON  Bkt. Indah. 7 mins to LEGOLAND|EDUCITY, 8mins to Hello Kitty Theme Park | Puteri Harbour & 15 mins to Johore Premium Outlet , & 3 min to SILC.

2.) NUSAJAYA in Iskandar – Highly Desirable Brand New Metropolis
NASAJAYA – Home to Horizon Hill. East Ledang, Mulpha Leisure Farm are most sought after by Singaporeans & European expats. Semi-D houses in HH & East Ledang have crossed RM 1 Million – Ariston Semi-D Link is going at less than 1/2 price!

3.) Excellent Employment Opportunities!  
The opening of Johore Premium Outlet, Bio x cell SILC, LEGOLAND, Educity, Hello Kitty Theme Park & Pinewood Studio will create tens of  thousands of jobs.

4.) World Class Infrastructure. Airport & Seaport. 
Located  between Changi & Senai Airport, Tuas & PTP seaport. Criss – crossed by new 6 & 8 lane highways. Accessing every where is a breeze. It’s only 25 mins to JB CBD.

5.) Beginning of a Multi Year Upside for JB properties. 
During the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis property prices crashed in S’pore. KL, Penang & JB. While all have recovered JB did not. Properties in Johore crashed for 12 years: 1997-2009. Prices only recovered in March 2010. The property boom in JB is only in its infancy 2010-2012, only 2 years. KL & Penang properties are 3 to 5 times more expensive than JB, while S’pore is 15 times more expensive than JB. Since JB properties are so VERY cheap. It’s potential for upside is immense.

TAMASEK has a joint venture with M’sian Govt. to build a Wellness Center in I Medini (located opposite LEGOLAND). for Rm 3 billion. Temasek (owned by GlC  S,pore) through shareholding in Sunway will own 2,000 acres land in Medini Zone F for a development projected to be RM 15 billion. Temasek also own Somerset Service Apartments in Puteri Harbour (opening in 2013).

The S’pore Govt has invested a lot in NUSAJAYA but kept a low profile, less prices shoot up suddenly. The time to buy is now when the prices are still cheap.
In 1975 when I was a student in S’pore a double storey terr house in Newton area (S’pore) sells for $99,000. Today a terrace house in Bkt Timah are a is going for $5 Million. A double storey Cluster Semi-D link house in Nusantara Prima is going for S$199K is VERY CHEAP!

Health care, Education, Leisure. Discount Shopping are recession proof business.
Gleneagle Hospital, New Castle Medical U, Malborough College. Pinewood studios (James Bond & Harry Potter films } Johor Premium Outlet, Old Chang Kee are all recession proof industries in Nusajaya & Iskandar region.

In 2008 when LEHMAN BROTHERS collapsed & many industries scaled down or collapsed, LEGOLAND in UK & USA is  still doing well as usual. And all the Premium Outlets in USA still report same or even better sales. In bad times people have more time to shop for bargains to save money. In bad times people still see a doctor. In bad times people still sent  their children to school.  These industries will shelter Nusajaya from a world-wide Depression or recession.