No. 1. The Economic Hub for ISKANDAR was conceived and implemented by the BN Govt. It was the brainchild of the then PM Badawi and continued by PM Najib Razak. Like a pilot directing a Jumbo Jet to its intended destination to make Iskandar a World Class  Metropolis.  Should you replace the pilot from the opposition camp  now? Think of the consequences.

No.2.  During the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 – 98,   PM Mahathir implemented Capital Control while Anwar Ibrahim wanted to go to the IMF for help. At that time Malaysia was shunned  by the IMF and the world as  a pariah nation.

IMF wanted Malaysia to tighten money supply and raise interest rates!  Being a doctor by profession Dr. Mahathir Mohd reasoned ,”How could you withold blood transfusion from a patient needing blood urgently?

Precisely, how could you withold liquidity from businesses hit by crisis of funding?  Malaysia stand tall today in the world’s financial think tank. The US is not practising what it preaches.  Its printing presses churn out trillions of dollars in QE 1  QE2  QE3  up to QE 100!  The world is still facing unsolved crisis of gigantic proportion today.

Najib has a brother Razak who is well versed in finance (CEO of CIMB Bank).  The world is at a perilous juncture – a worst than 1929 – 39 world wide depression is possible.  With all the hot coals of Investment being thrown into the Iskandar Region they will protect Iskandar from the Coming World wide Economic Winter

No. 3  Malaysia is nowhere like Tunisia, where the Arab Spring started because of the lack of economic opportunities. The streets of Malaysia, especially Iskandar is paved with gold – golden opportunities. Millions of legal and illegal immigrants come to our shores, and they are still coming because of jobs that Malaysians don’t want.

No.4. The Slogan of the Opposition is “UBAH” which means CHANGE. Change for what? Change a corrupt govt.? Don’t you see that the BN has dropped a good number of candidates in its line up? Many ministers have been axed, including the MCA leader found wanting.

The Philipines  opposed  Marcos because he stole the nation’s wealth and sent philipino maids to our shore as domestic servants. Suharto and cronies plundered Indonesia’s coffers and drove Indons to our land as construction workers. Take a good look at Malaysia and see whether we are  descending into 3rd world poverty. In fact the golden age for Malaysia’s future lies ahead.

No. 5  DAP, PKR & PAS have different ideologies. Even before the election there is bickering. PAS has changed Kedah weekend to Friday instead of Sunday like Kelantan.  Is the “UBAH” change they want for Iskandar to replace Friday for Sunday as the weekend rest day? If so, a vote for Pakatan is a vote into the dark ages.

With so much uncertainty and turbulence foreign investors will not come. You don’t see graceful swans land on waterfalls or turbulent waters. They only land on peaceful, placid ponds or lakes. King Solomon built the world”s riches empire during peace time which God gave him. So give peace a chance for Iskandar.

No.6  Under BN  Iskandar’s future is Very Bright. Iskandar  will be the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMIC HUB FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS (just like S”pore was the fastest growing nation in the world for the decade of 1980-1990). 6 more theme parks, Motorsports City, JB MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL, SUNWAY RESORT CITY, CHINA MALL (Dragon Mall with 3000 retail shops – shop till you drop! from A – Z   you name it – you have it here. Pengerang Oil & Gas (like North Dakota in USA – the only place in USA  currently in economic boom) and best of all – ISKANDAR FINANCIAL DISTRICT’ garnering highest paying jobs like New York Mahattan & Singapore CBD Financial HUB.

No. 7  The M”sian Govt & the S’pore Govt have laid out their game plans for Medini, Nusajaya & Iskandar. Like a Big piece of Canvass carved from virgin lands, the Big Boys are invited to create their Master Pieces here.

Capitaland, Peter Lim the Remisier King, Sunway Group, IGB, Ascendas,  Robert Kuok and Many Others are here to participate in a Once in A Lifetime  Opportunity! They ALL HAVE A VISION FOR ISKANDAR! Are you so myopic as to vote against it!