“Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house (proverbs 24:27).”

This verse from Proverbs by King Solomon paves the way for the pattern for property purchase. Who is King Solomon?  In today’s estimation – King Solomon is a multi- trillionaire! His timeless words carry weight.  There are 3 steps:-


“Prepare thy work without..”  The average man/woman spends 6 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school. Another 3 to 4 years for Diploma or Degree. And 2 to 6 years  more for MBA or PhD. After that there is what we call field work..   To gain hands on experience.


“And make it fit for thyself in the field..”  A right career is your first priority! And what constitute a right career for you? It depends on what fits your ultimate interest in life. Someone says,”Find a vocation that you love to do.

And if you get paid for it. Then all the better!” That’s why Warren Buffet said that he tap dance to work. Work has become a hobby & an enjoyment.


“And afterwards build thine house.” Only after you have made preparation by education or apprenticeship. And established your career or place of work. Only then should you find that property which you intent to call “home”. The home should be located near your work, then.

The above is a general comment on Proverbs 24:27.  Now for a deeper understanding.

The Exposition.


It begins with the word “Prepare”. Someone says,”If we fail in the day of preparation, we will fail in the day of battle.” The ants gather food  all summer in preparation for the coming winter. And heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.

It says further, Prepare  “THY WORK”. It will be “Your Work”. No one else can do it for you. You must learn the ropes yourself. Some Millionaires leave entire fortune to their heirs without first helping them to manage wealth.

In no time the inherited fortune is gone – by dissipation or mismanagement! That’s why Chinese businesses seldom last for more than three generations. Solomon is far wiser than Confucius,  you see. The Wisdom from King Solomon originates from the ALL WISE ALMIGHTY GOD!

Prepare the work “Without”. The word “without” means outside. The inculcation of virtues & value must be from inside the home; but everyone life’s work in the world is “Outside” in the open market.

So give time for learning. The more you acquire knowledge & experience the better! Yes! Everyone has to prepare. That means you, your children and your grand children..


According to the Bible. every human being is given a gift or inherent ability. God made the bird to fly and the fish to swim. A fish out of water won’t be happy while the bird could sing on swaying tree branches! God made them happy in their respective environment.

“Make It Fit For Yourself In The Field.”  You should find  your own  field of  passion. Employment or work that fits your passion! Your passion will propel your place in the world. Your passion will cause you to excel!


“And Afterwards”. In the Order of Things, Career comes before Home, Family Or Property. It does not say, “Build your house first, afterwards find your life work.” It says, “Make your work fit for you in the world, and afterwards build your house.”

A Property  built by preparation, passion & hard work will be your best investment for life!


Imagine if you have not prepared diligently during your youth. And you have not cultivated your talents for your life calling or career. And you go straight into property purchase. Suppose you buy a house in Kota Tinggi first. Then you secure a job in JB CBD.

Without education & experience you will only get an average paying job. Now think of the time in commuting between Kota Tinggi  & JB CBD. 40 mins to an hour easily.  The costs of petrol & wear and tear for your car will take a chunk out of your salary.

Plus 2 hours spent in traveling to and from work daily will consume much time. It is more practical then to stay at your parents home or  rent first than to buy.

Only after you have found your career & established your life work then and then only should you consider  buying  that property near your work place.

Moreover, buying a house implies setting up a family. Are you financially stable in providing for your wife & children. Many marital problems are caused by money -or  rather the lack of money.

So seek to prepare first by study & learning. Then by finding a job that fits your skill. Only then should you purchase that property.

Read again the verse, “Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field, and afterwards build thine house.” The conjunction  “and” is mentioned twice. There is a sequence to Learning, and Experience and  Skill, and then Ownership and Responsibility. All these prerequisites will make your house a home indeed.

May God Bless You!