Why Must Premium Outlets Be Located Away From Established Shopping Belt?

There are 7 reasons.

No.1  Since Premium Outlets are selling the same Branded Goods similar to those sold in the city but at deep discount they have to locate a bid further away less they compete directly against the businesses of those selling at Full Price.

No.2  As these Premium Outlets are located in more remote areas they PAY LESS for Land and Wages – thus they are able to PASS ON BETTER SAVINGS to Bargain Hunters. Conversely, how can High End Shopping in Bkt Bintang or Orchard Road give much discount when they pay the highest rental per sg ft?

No.3 For those who travel 30 mins to an hour or more to reach these Discount Designer Outlets they don’t buy just one shirt or dress, as it does not justify the expenses and time incurred. So as to recoup the expenses of petrol  (hotel stay) they usually buy 2 or more apparel – thus helping in higher turnover- THE HIGHER THE VOLUME THE DEEPER THE DISCOUNTS!

No.4  Furthermore, travelling long distances to these outlets entail loneliness – so it is normal for 2 or more people to go at one time – the more the merrier! It creates a spirit of togetherness & happiness. When people are happy they tend to spend more.

No.5  That’s why tourists are big spenders. M’sia being the top 9th tourist destination  in the world is definitely on the right track. The Bible predicts ,”The time of the end: MANY SHALL TRAVEL TO & FRO, and knowledge shall be increased (Daniel 12:4)

No.6  As expected JPO is launching Phase 2 with 60 over shops & also several hotels and theme park – expecting an ever  increasing influx of tourists from all over M’sia, S’pore, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Etc & etc. In 2012 there were 1 Billion Tourists! 2013/2014 is VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR!   Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

No. 7 RECESSION PROOF!!!  In good times Premium Outlets will do well  but in bad times Discount Shopping in the Premium outlets WILL DO EVEN BETTER.  In bad times we forgo our wants but not OUR NEEDS. Our basic needs are food, shelter and clothing.  To survive we still need to eat, sleep somewhere and change our clothes and be properly attired.

Bad Times? Now we have time – NECESSITY COMPELS US  TO SAVE MONEY! So in good times JPO is good but in bad times JPO does better! (Same goes for Milo drink, good times we drink Milo  in coffee shop bad times we make our Milo at home.) For Nusantara Prima residents JPO is only 15 minutes by North South Highway

As an After thought. In year 2006 on Black Friday,  Grove City Premium Outlets in USA  – shoppers created a traffic jam 10 miles (16km) long during the middle of the night.

I wonder from whence cometh such God-given wisdom to plan such exciting and recession proof industries in Nusajaya and Iskandar!