Once A Scientist employed An Arab Guide For His Research In The Desert. When night falls the Arab Guide took out  a prayer mat and started to pray. At that the Scientist asked him,”What are you doing?” “I am praying to God,” he replied. “Have you seen  God with your eyes?” he further queried. “No.” the Arab guide replied. “Have you touched and felt God with your hands?” “No.” the Arab Guide again  replied.

At that the Scientist exclaimed, “You are a strange man to believe in a God you did not see with your own eyes, a God you have not touched or felt with your hands! I tell you, you are indeed a strange man!” The Arab kept silent. They both went to sleep that Arabian Night.

Very early the next morning they both woke up. And the Scientist exclaimed,”Strange! Very strange, there were camels around here last night!”

The Arab Guide asked him,”Did you see the camels?” The Scientist answered,”No.” The Arab Guide asked further, “Have you touched and felt the camels with your own hands?” Again the Scientist replied, “No.” At that the Arab Guide exclaimed,”

You are a Very Strange Scientist to believe in camels you have not seen with your own eyes or touched with your own hands. You are a very Strange Scientist indeed!” But the Scientist protested and said,”Look, the foot prints of the camels are all over the place!”

Just then the Sun was rising in All Its Splendour.  And the Arab Guide pointing to the Sun exclaimed, “BEHOLD, I SEE THE FOOTPRINTS & THE FINGER OF GOD’S HANDIWORK!!!”

That night under the Arabian Night Sky while the Arab Guide prayed, the Scientist stood in deep contemplation.




Camels Are Known As The Ships Of The Desert. Camels Are Vital For Traveling In The Desert. One Arabian Night the Master was sleeping in his Tent while the Camel slept under  the Stars. In Desert the temperature is very hot in the day because  there is no cloud to block the heat waves from the Blazing Sun. At Night the temperature turns very cold because there is no cloud to trap the heat of the day.

Feeling very cold, the Camel asked his Master,”May I put my head into your tent because it’s cold outside?” His kind Master obliged, so the Camel put his head into the Warm Tent. After a while the Camel said,”My body, too is feeling very cold, could you please allow me to move half my body inside?” At that the Master reluctantly agreed. So the Camel is now half into the Tent and his Master moved to the side.

Finally, The Arabian Night  was getting too cold for The Camel and he said,”I must come in fully for I am still shivering.” At that he pushed All The Way Into the Tent without waiting for an answer from his Master. The Camel is Now Inside The Tent and his Master Outside!

The moral of the Story Is This! Listen carefully

The head of the camel represents the Man, the head of the household who came to Iskandar from all parts of Malaysia. Working in Singapore by day  they stayed in Iskandar at night. By the way, ISKANDAR’S NIGHT IS BETTER THAN THE FREEZING ARABIAN NIGHT! And these Bread Winners having  Found The Warm & Comfortable Living In Iskandar sent for the rest of his family to join him in Iskandar.

They Buy Up The Cheap Houses In Iskandar And Caused Prices To Shoot Skyward! Some Condos carry The Word “Sky”- Indicating Sky High prices to come! Will  The Original Native Johoreans  be pushed out of their “Tent”?

You see, I spoke to many many Johoreans almost everyday. There is no sense of urgency at all. They live in oblivion of what’s going on around them. Why come under the burden of buying a house and paying installment?  Buy that new car first, or buy that latest iphone or go for a nice holiday oversea. They have different priorities – buying their own home unfortunately, is not one of them.

What’s on their mind? Well we can rent a room for RM300 or rent a house for RM600.  Unbeknownst  to them Rental follows House Price Increases! The Cheap Rental that you assumed today will no longer be here. Rental, like skyrocketing house prices will double or  triple  for years to come.

Someday, when Iskandar house prices and rental catch up with Singapore’s, you will be like the Camel’s Master forced out into the cold. In this case, be prepared to stay in faraway places like Sedili or Mersing, where price and rental may still be affordable.

Never heard of Sedili?  You better do.  Ten years ago  K.L. people have not heard of Semenyih  before; a small town 8 miles south of Kajang Town. They  called  SEMENYIH – “SEMUA MONYET”- translated it means “All Monkeys”. Those who failed to capitalize on KL low property prices then suddenly found out that prices have surged beyond  affordable levels. Many could only afford to buy or rent in Semenyih as a result of their neglect and oversight. Since history teaches us that man never learn from history some Johoreans will someday, be forced to live in monkey places!


In ancient times when the British sailed to Africa & Arabia they brought with them things for trading. The trade is skewed to the benefit of the British because the natives were ignorant of the value of what they owned.

For trade they purchased articles like fish hooks, knives , scissors & baloons. Arriving at their destinations after many days sailing they demonstrated to the natives the usefulness of their iron fishing hooks in catching fish, the ease of cutting fruit or meat with the sharp knife & the help the scissors rendered when they want to tailor their clothes.

Of course the natives were captivated by the white man’s inventions. What do we give the whiteman in exchange? Well for fish hooks they want our pearls. And for his scissors we have to give him elephant tusks.  For baloons,  they exchange for the rough diamonds the native children were playing;  anyway rough diamonds not cut and polished have little beauty.

But not gold? The natives know its value. So only  strong axes or sharp knives will do. With so little for so much gain. Bringing back Great treasures of Pearls, Ivory, Diamond & Gold. It was truly a time of UNEQUAL EXCHANGE! It was those times of British Glory. RULE! BRITANNIA RULE!


The Wise Penangites should have sold his two storey house for RM1 Million  in Brown Garden, Pulau Tikus, Penang & exchanged it for 2 Semi Detached cluster Houses  in Iskandar. Like the year of early 1997 when a four room HDB Flat in Singapore was S$300,000 & a 6,000 sq ft bungalow in Perth was going for A$120,000. A Singaporean  then could have exchanged his flat for  TWO  Perth’s Bungalows and with S$60,000 to spare.

Now is the time to do the exchange when Iskandar house prices are less than half of KL or Penang! And for One flat in Singapore you may get up to 10 houses! THIS IS NOT FICTION! BUT REALITY! CHECK IT OUT. {Note: This Only Apply To S’porean PR with M’sian ID Card}



There was a story told to Russell Conwell  by   a Modern Arab Guide about a Man who wanted to find diamonds so badly that he sold his house and the underlying land with it.

With the money he traveled to many many places, searching for those elusive diamonds. Until one day, having spent all his money, old & disappointed he returned to his native land only to find that “THE LAND BENEATH THE HOUSE THAT HE SOLD – HAS ACRES & ACRES OF DIAMONDS!

Today, I read with deep interest- Both Malaysians  & Singaporeans Are Rushing To Invest In London & Many Other Parts Of The World. I wish them well. But At The Backyard of Singapore Is Iskandar. Here Is A Place Where You Have Acres And Acres Of Diamonds yet  to be discovered. Don’t Need To Travel All Over The World Looking For That Elusive Fortune When You Can Find It Right Here In Iskandar!