With the Singapore Dollar at the All Time High of One Sing Dollar to Rm3.10 Ringgit It Is Inevitable That More and More Singaporeans will move to Iskandar for cheaper housing, food, shopping, car ownership, golf club ownership, car wash, spa, health care & a thousand other needs.

Why not?  All things for Malaysians Cost 210% More In Singapore or We can also say all things are 70% Cheaper in Iskandar for All Singaporeans.  Go into any restaurant in Singapore. Now let’s see

  1. The tables and chairs you sit on are probably made in Austin Factories in Johor.
  2. The waitress who serve you  is from Bkt Indah,  Johor. She arrives by CW6 Bus daily
  3.  The cook in the kitchen comes from Kulai. He travels to Spore every morning by bike.
  4.  The water you drink is piped from Ulu Tiram across the Causeway
  5.  The plate on the table is made in Sedenak and the straw you drink  with from Penang.
  6.  The rice you eat from Kedah & all the vegetables from farms in Cameron Highland
  7.  The fish you eat is caught by the trawlers off The Straits of Malacca arrive by Causeway
  8.  And the dishes are cleared & washed by workers from Pasir Gudang
  9.  The Cashier who collected the bill walked Across the JB Causeway at 6 am in the morning
  10. On the way home the Bus Driver on the SBS is from Segamat.

So As You Can SEE Almost 100% of the people who served you in Spore comes from Malaysia. The tables and chairs you sit on are also manufactured in Austin Factories, Johor. The food you eat from Cameron Highland, Kedah & fish caught off West Malaysia.

But All The Cost is in the Mighty Strength of the Singapore Dollar. Three times more than Ringgit! For just 1/3 of the price only 10 minutes away is JB.  The same people, same furniture, same utensil, same food (fresher fish – no need to queue at Causeway for up to 5 hours!) and water! The Big Difference is the price!

In Singapore All HDB Flats are 99 Year Leasehold. You don’t own them. You lease them for a time only. For cars there is a 10 year lease called COE. Just COE alone costs S$70,000 or Rm210,000. An Average Car costs S$100,000 = Rm300,000

For Rm300,000 you can get a gleaming New Merc Benz in Iskandar with freehold title. All cars, bikes, lorries, jeeps, vans & suvs in Spore have only a 10 year leasehold title.

Last time factories have 99 year lease in Spore. Then shortened to 60 years. And then the lease for industrial land is further reduced to 20 to 30 years only.

Someday, only the Super Rich can afford to live in Singapore. That’s why His Royal Highness The Sultan of Johor has wisely predicted that in future Singaporeans will work in Singapore but live in Johor.


For the price of a 3 room HDB flat with only 99 year lease you can get a Semi D Bungalow with FREEHOLD TITLE IN ISKANDAR.

Keeping a car in Spore is a luxury. Keeping 2 cars is a struggle. In Johor Mr. Din the electrician has 12 siblings. Mr. Din said, “All my 12 brothers and sisters could afford to buy a landed house each. And all 12 of us own one or two cars each.”

With So Much Wealth Destruction for those owning cars or leasehold assets in Singapore It is  Inevitable that More and More Singaporeans will Move to Live in Johor in the Foreseeable Future.