It sounds very  paradoxical. But consider very carefully, then you will see.  The Singaporean on the surface appears “Rich” but High Costs of almost everything erodes quality of living.

In the Latest National Day Speech, PM Lee Hsien Loong said that a couple earning a combined income of Sing $4,000 could afford to buy a 4 Room HDB Flat. What about The  Car, The Maid and Other Costs?

The COE For Commercial Vehicles Has Crossed S$70,000 For The First Time In Singapore. “COE” Is Certificate Of Entitlement. The Right To Buy and Operate A Commercial Vehicle In Singapore For Only Ten Short Years.

At RM2.58 per each Sing Dollar – S$70,000 comes out to be A Whopping RM180,600!!  And that’s for a piece of paper – not including the cost of the Car, road tax, insurance, ERP Charges, Parking Charges.

The Alternative is the popular MRT, getting more and more congested year after year. What about taxis? At peak hours, none available unless you phone. There is a S$3.00 surcharge. At the rate of accelerating cost, having children is a struggle  & retirement is  only  a dream.

Now, take a look at the poor “Rich” Johorean. In Singapore, it takes two (husband & wife – making S$2,000 each) to own a Four Room HDB Flat. In Johor you can get A Condomium Called “Ria Apartment 2” Located 10 minutes from CIQ Kastam.

It has 3 Rooms 2 Baths. 24 Hour Security. Gated And Guarded. With Swimming Pool For RM130,000 (About S$52,000) It Is FREEHOLD While All HDB Are Leasehold.

You see, the poor “Rich” Johorean goes to work in Singapore by bike. His S$2.000 Salary  is worth RM5,100 today.  He could own a Condo in Ria Apt 2. A Proton Saga for himself. A Perodua Viva for his wife.

Another spare motor bike for traveling to Singapore for work daily. You see, his wife need not work unless she wants to. And they could afford to have 3 to 5 children.

How? He could pump RON95 petrol at RM1.90 (S$0.73cts) a liter.   Costs about  a third in Singapore! (Singapore SHELL 95 the Cheapest petrol  Is S$2.20 per liter!) Sugar,  Flour, Rice, Cooking Oil Are Sold Below International Prices!

BY  GENEROUS M’SIAN GOVT. SUBSIDY. And Medical Cost At GOVT RUN General Hospital  is RM1 Ringgit (About 38.6 Singapore Cts). Also FREE WATER if you use below a certain units every month. And electricity is also subsidized since Petronas is an  Oil Producer.

So let’s compare. In Singapore, both husband & wife must work to be able to afford a Four Room HDB Flat (leasehold) No car. Having children a struggle and early retirement a distant dream only. Maybe  after age 90!

In Johor. Only the husband needs to work. Own Condo (Freehold) or One Landed Single Story 3 Rooms 2 Baths house.  Two Cars & one motor bike. Can afford to have 3 to 5 children.

Many Malaysians in their late fifties, sixties & seventies HAVE ALREADY RETIRED Long Ago! Where? They are loitering in Stock Trading  Firms Like RHB Investment Banks in Taman Molek & Taman Sutera Utama, Johor.



The Sing Dollar has strengthened to Sing$ to RM2.59 by 27/8/2013.

The Johorean who worked across the Causeway for Sing $2,000 a month salary is now better off  than A Bank Manager working in Johor.  

Example: In Johor, AMBANK BHD Ros Merah , Johor Jaya Branch – The Bank Manager, Mr. Lim is paid a monthly Salary of RM5,000. And Mr. Lim, my good friend, works in the Bank till 10 pm every day! Those working in S’pore for Sing $2,000 is getting S$2,000 x 2.59 = RM5,180 (RM180 More Than A Bank Manager in Johor/Malaysia!)

But If You Should Ask Me – Where Would I Prefer To Live? Singapore Or Johor(Iskandar)? I Chose Singapore. Why? Because Johor Is Still A Very Unsafe Place To Live Right Now 26th August, 2013!

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