This Is Year 2015. The Numeric is 8. It signifies New Beginning & Prosperity!

2+0+1+5 = 8

To The Chinese the Number 8 Signifies Prosperity as eight is “patt” and it rhymes with the sound  “fatt” which means prosperity in Chinese

8 is Also The Number of New Beginning in the Bible. Jesus was resurrected on the eight day of the week, being a Sunday. The Jewish week begins on Sunday as the First Day of The Week & Ends On Saturday Evening. On Sunday Morning The Beginning of A New Week Jesus Rose From The Dead. So Christians Worship on Sunday while the Jews continue to observe the Sabbath on Saturday.

So the 8th Day is the Beginning of A New Week, A Resurrection , A New Beginning.

The Greek Word “INSOU” transliterated “JESUS” has a numeric of 888

The Greek alphabet like the Roman numeral has a number for each alphabet

Example i = 1 ,  v = 5 ,  x = 10  and  xvi = 16

So the Numeric of Jesus In Greek is 888 which means “LIFE, ETERNITY & PROSPERITY”

Dr Bob Jones Sr says, “The pages of our diaries blank. It is up to us to write whatever we want on them”.

Almighty God has given to each of us 24 hours a day & 365 days in a year.

So I Wish All Iskandarians An Auspicious Year of Great Prosperity in 2015.

May We All Fill Our Year With Fruitful Thoughts & Deeds For This Year of Prosperity!